Juliana helped me in both the composing and editing process for my college essays. She really encouraged me since I had absolutely no idea where to begin. She helped me brainstorm ideas and then realize them onto paper in a way I would have never thought to without her! I now attend my dream school and had the best first year I could have imagined. I have already recommended Juliana to some people I know, and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone else.

T.N, USF Class of 2020

I loved working with Juliana because she helped me through a lot of the editing process for my essays–from helping me develop and clarify my ideas to providing positive but constructive criticism to my work. Through constantly questioning my vague ideas, Juliana helped me think more deeply about the points I wanted to convey. Not only did she push me to think, she was extremely patient with me throughout the entire process as I sent her draft after draft of the same essays. I would definitely recommend Juliana because she is just absolutely amazing!

Annabel, UCLA Class of 2019

 Juliana was always very insightful, she always helped guide discussion in a way that enabled us to know what questions to ask. Juliana is very patient and very kind and made our learning a priority. The relationship she established with me and my peers was one of mutual growth, where she was teaching us but also was very willing to learn about what we had to say. I highly recommend Juliana for any TA, tutoring, or academic position! She’s great!

Shania S, Stanford Class of 2021


I had a great experience working with Juliana. For private essay editing she really helped to come up with ideas on what to write and didn’t make you feel insecure about your own ideas. Working with her improved my writing skills as well and allowed me to think more creatively.

Sharlene, college essay application editing


Juliana is a thorough and thoughtful editor! She has critiqued my poems and essays, and always caters to the type of help that I need most– whether it’s structural/high-level or more technical. It’s clear that she invests a lot of time thinking about the purpose of the piece, its audience, and how her advice can benefit my work the most. If you need more proof of the quality of her work, check out her own amazing writing. I highly recommend her!

Claudia Heymach, Stanford Class of 2019


Juliana was a guiding light in the classroom. She worked in conjunction with the professor, never overstepping boundaries yet complementing the skillset of our instructor quite well with her organizational capacity . As a first-year student, I appreciated her understanding of our challenges and how approachable she was. Her accomplishments and talents span a variety of fields, making her an interesting, experienced teacher to learn from; she also values the perspective of the student, which was crucial in establishing mutual respect. Firm in correction, yet warm in her demeanor, I fully recommend Juliana as a tutor or mentor.

Stanford student, from a Stanford Seminar I TA’d for


Juliana was so helpful! Her feedback was nuanced, and I appreciate how she was clear about which aspects of my presentation were successful and which ones I could improve upon. Thank you for all the suggestions and the general advice about public speaking.

Stanford student, on a feedback session for her research presentation


Thank you for your time and effort for reviewing my essays. I would definitely recommend your services to other friends based on the feedback and edits I received from you. Working with you was very smooth. Your edits were made in a timely fashion and were easy to understand.

Alexander T., college application essay editing


I found the comments and criticisms to be very insightful and helpful. The comments, in particular, give a lot of specific feedback that was beyond what I expected. Responses are also made in a timely manner – within a day at the most!

High school student, college application essay editing


**Testimonial attribution differs slightly based on student preferences