I don’t want to be a writer

I, Juliana Chang, do not want to be a writer. I recognize the irony of expressing this sentiment through a blog post. But anyway. Writing has been the central core of my identity for a very, very long time. This held true in the activities I participated in at school, the classes I chose, the ways I spent my free time, the way I built and tore down my own self esteem, the way I described myself on Tinder, and everything else in between.

On Growing Up As an Unskinny Asian

Originally published on XoJane.com Growing up as an Asian American, I knew I would never have the long legs or double lidded blue eyes of the models that graced the TV screens and magazines I saw. Hell, I might not even have the tan skin if my melanin continued to refuse to cooperate. I recognized… Continue reading On Growing Up As an Unskinny Asian