Advice for Stanford’s Class of 2021

In the name of procrastinating on my Summer Reflections blog post, and since I just went to the Taiwan frosh send-off yesterday, I decided to write up some of the thoughts I had on starting college at Stanford. If you were anything like me, you're probably over-researching Stanford student life and scouring the web for… Continue reading Advice for Stanford’s Class of 2021

I don’t want to be a writer

I, Juliana Chang, do not want to be a writer. I recognize the irony of expressing this sentiment through a blog post. But anyway. Writing has been the central core of my identity for a very, very long time. This held true in the activities I participated in at school, the classes I chose, the ways I spent my free time, the way I built and tore down my own self esteem, the way I described myself on Tinder, and everything else in between.

Wanna share some of the cool things I am studying this quarter

School is fun yall!! I'm taking some really amazing classes this quarter, so just wanted to share some of the interesting topics I've been grappling with in the last two weeks or so. I'm flying out to Chicago tonight for CUPSI, so little anxious about missing school/homework, but should be good! Dance in Prison: lots… Continue reading Wanna share some of the cool things I am studying this quarter