Life updates!!

Hello hello! A LOT has happened since I last posted here, so I’m not actually quite sure where to begin. Some quick updates on all the applications I’ve been working on all year:

  • I’ve been accepted into Stanford’s co-terminal Sociology MA program as well as the honors program with the Graduate School of Education! I’ve got one more class to take for Linguistics, and then will be spending the rest of senior year working on my MA and honors thesis.
  • I’ll be staffing in 1047 next year as the Financial Manager. Should be interesting, since I love logistics but dislike numbers.
  • After a lot of really confused soul searching in the fall, I accepted a Content Strategy summer internship with Thumbtack, a startup that matches small businesses to local customers. Turns out they serve poke at lunch sometimes, so I am very very pumped 🙂
  • I’m actually in New York City right now!! I intern four days a week and have classes on Wednesdays, and it’s been a wonderful wonderful time. I’m working as a Law Enforcement Bureau Intern for the NYC Commission on Human Rights, which is the branch of the city government that creates and enforces anti-discrimination laws, and it is the best. job. ever. Also I really, really enjoy living in the city. Wow. More on all this later.

This is a bit of a baby post, but stay tuned for more updates soon!

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