Wanna share some of the cool things I am studying this quarter

School is fun yall!! I’m taking some really amazing classes this quarter, so just wanted to share some of the interesting topics I’ve been grappling with in the last two weeks or so. I’m flying out to Chicago tonight for CUPSI, so little anxious about missing school/homework, but should be good!

Dance in Prison: lots of really interesting stuff about the colonial gaze, voyeurism/prison tourism, the body as a site of power plays and of discipline, art and performance as restorative practices but also potentially just new forms of discipline??? we visit san mateo juvenile hall next week for a hip hop class, more updates to come!

Social Movements and Collective Action: My first sociology class, which is a little odd considering I want to coterm in sociology..anyway. Teacher is super cool, and today we talked about the classic strain model of social movements vs resource mobilization, both of which were very mind blowing and makes me realize how I didn’t know that I wanted to know a lot of things that I now know, part of the class is to participate in activism so I’m working on that rn

Multicultural Issues in Higher Education: Only have had one class so far but I’m really enjoying the reading hw, had a bunch of stuff on whiteness and the power of not being named, the sociohistorical project of racialization, EMERGENCE OF PANETHNIC IDENTITIES WHICH IS SUPER FASCINATING AND I REALLY WANT TO WRITE MY FINAL PAPER ABOUT THIS???

Also taking Creative Non-fiction and an OCT training class, and doing linguistic fieldwork/tutoring. We finished rush last week which was crazy hectic but also a lot more fun than I expected, did choreo presents for CO so now our teaching schedule is all set. This is a good quarter!

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