First day of spring quarter was DOPE

I officially have ten weeks left as a college freshman. WHAT????? I have a compulsive tendency to waste a lot of time wondering about all the other alternate universes I canceled out by making a certain decision, whether it’s an alternate universe where I had gone to another college or taken Chem31A in the fall or even put my water bottle in a different locker at the gym last October. I still wonder about it a lot, but for the most part my general vibe regarding the topic has been “Thank GOD I made whatever dumb decisions I did to end up here. Thank god the serendipity of my arbitrary choice to get cheesy scrambled eggs instead of plain scrambled eggs during NSO led me to where I am right now.”

I came to college with the intention of letting challenges to my identity  either strengthen my resolve or put me to change for the better, and I feel like today has been one of the best possible examples of me successfully meeting that goal. Some firsts of my college career:

  • Had class for the very first time in the Engineering Quad: Your poetry writing, Latin reading, language loving girl is officially taking CS 106A. I felt really good after our first lecture, the class seems incredibly hard but in that sort of doable way. Like…running a marathon as opposed to running the circumference of the Earth.
  • Had TWO classes in the Engineering Quad: I spontaneously dropped “Language in Society” and enrolled in “Human Behavioral Biology” twenty minutes before class started, and I’m surprisingly so happy with my decision. The lecturer seems awesome, he threw a bagel at a student who answered a question correctly and talked about baboon testicles for a good ten minutes.
  • Tried Dance Improv: This was actually mindblowing. I spent about an hour with Aleta Hayes and I’ve already learned an absurd amount about dance and movement and just life in general. Like there’s no way I can explain this without sounding cheesy and hippy, but everything she was saying about understanding the flow and speed of your surroundings and letting your environment tell you how to move just made so much sense. I’m so glad I’m taking this class wow.
  • Took a Monday Night Workshop As someone who religiously wakes up at 8am, going to a dance workshop in San Jose at 9pm and staying out dancing and hanging out until 1am was the sort of adventure that simultaneously made me so uncomfortable but so happy. Sorah Yang was absolutely amazing, I really felt a lot of what she was saying about feeling the choreo as opposed to trying to perform it for other people. Also just being surrounded by so many amazing dancers was so so painfully good for my psyche, I have no semblance of ego left but I also feel incredibly determined/inspired to keep pursuing dance. I wrote it down on my summer goals list, that’s how you know it’s serious.

From beginning to end, today just felt the sort of day I forever want my education to be like. I want to be this excited about learning, I want to teachers who will floor me with both their knowledge and their passion for whatever it is they’re teaching. I don’t have anything profound or meaningful to say, today was just such a great day I needed to write it down.

Note to future Juliana: Please don’t ever ever take a class or do ANYTHING that doesn’t completely imbue you with that sense of wonderment and excitement you experienced all day today. Don’t waste your (my?) time like that. 

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