A list of things I never thought I would do in college

  1. Lead an erotic poetry workshop
  2. Eat dinner at exactly 5pm. Every. Single. Day.
  3. Contemplate the meaning of the following statement for a homework assignment: All soldiers are dancers if and only if all dancing soldiers are soldiers.
  4. Break into an amphitheater to stargaze
  5. Choreograph an original dance and SHOW PEOPLE WOW
  6. Ask someone out…and not melt into the ground in embarrassment
  7. Go to the gym at 8am six times a week
  8. Play soccer while wearing a giant inflatable bubble suit
  9. Write a 5,000 word paper on the meaning of the word “ain’t”
  10. Visit Facebook and discover that jobs exist for Linguistics majors
  11. Do a spoken word poem about my dogs
  12. Build my own teddy bear
  13. Get dressed in a tutu, lady bug wings, and neon socks and kiss a dozen strangers
  14. Wear purple lipstick to class and not care if people judged me
  15. Tell a friend “I love you” and really, really mean it
  16. Dye my hair with $10 box dye from CVS
  17. Worship a loaf of bread for a good 12 hours
  18. Perform a rendition of Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” for my entire dorm
  19. Touch a scrap of a dictionary written in the 5th century
  20. Watch someone smear peanut butter on themselves and subsequently eat it all
  21. Bike while balancing a smoothie and a box of fries between my elbows
  22. Not compulsively wash my hair every day
  23. Be okay with being average
  24. Be okay with not knowing anything about certain topics
  25. Be compelled by some weird force of the universe to want to know EVERYTHING about a certain topic
  26. Participate in a dance marathon and dance for 12 hours
  27. Meet SARAH KAY
  28. Watch two of my closest friends strip and twerk on stage for charity
  29. Eat PBJ sandwiches like its a religion
  30. Fall in love with scrambled eggs
  31. Fall in love with most people I meet
  32. Fall in love with language, again and again and again and again.

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