20 souvenirs from my first 20 weeks of college

The thing about having classes on a quarter system is that time never really stops moving. We’re in school for the same amount of time as other schools, but because the year is broken down into smaller chunks, every month just seems to fly by. For me personally, this seems to promote a sort of culture of nomadism. Your classes change every two and a half months. So do your teachers, classmates, even your week to week living schedule. Everyone moves homes and communities every year, people come and go in student groups, the dining hall introduces chocolate fondue one week and then promptly refuses to make it ever again.

Nothing really ever seems to…stick. Which isn’t entirely bad; I understand the appeal of constant innovation and forward movement, especially given Stanford’s location in Silicon Valley. But at the same time, as someone who drinks nostalgia for breakfast and spends a good 20 minutes a day writing things down so she won’t forget them, I also wish things would slow down a bit. I wish people would stay still for a while, and stay for a while. I wish Wilbur Dining would have another chocolate fondue night. That being said, what’s the point of complaining if I don’t make some sort of attempt that fixing it? I might not be able to grab the universe by the ears and force it to stop sprinting on without me, but I can at least collect some souvenirs, verbal, visual, mental, or otherwise.

So without further ado (and by ado I mean rambling), here is 20 things I get to keep from my first twenty weeks of college, even as my classes, rooms, memory, and worldview relentlessly fluctuate around me:

  1. This cool Linguistics shirt I got for declaring my major 12825467_10154053257749797_826283870_n
  3. The ability to bike through the pouring rain with a FedEx package balanced between my torso, left arm, and left leg
  4. Twelve hours worth of browser history that consists entirely of “how to write erotic poetry”, two days before I led an erotic poetry workshop
  5. The knowledge that I did not, do not, will never, look good as a blonde
  6. The memory of waking up for the first time on campus and thinking, “I belong here”
  7. The Pokemon poster I painted with Austin the weekend after Thanksgiving12289643_10153834502949797_1509399516018475522_n
  8. My beat up assignment notebook that more or less details every single day of my life
  9. The mad arm and ab gains I got from weight training class (I hope)
  10. Some really cool photos and videos of me contorting my ungraceful body to the beat of hip hop music:12814535_809822739122236_7435427333142640093_n
  11. My Stanford snuggie
  12. My newfound love of cheesy scrambled eggs
  13. Poems I’ve written throughout the past two quarters and the acceptance of the fact that I write a lot of love poems and that’s okay
  14. New and intense appreciation for my parents and all they did to raise me
  15. This photo of  Will “what do sailors have going for them? nothing!” Marshall 12834579_10154053257779797_2144130441_n
  16. The borderline compulsive need to mentally keep track of all of my close friend’s idiolects and regional accents (“Wait, did you say mirror with one syllable or two syllables?” “JULIANA STOP”)
  17. My first college paper and the deservedly harsh comments and grade that made me cry
  18. My second college paper and the hours I put into making it (and myself) better
  19. This new and SUPER GREAT habit of reading (and I mean sitting down and really reading) a poem a day and all its done to expand my understanding of poetry and writing
  20. The knowledge that I will always have the ability to make myself okay again.


3 thoughts on “20 souvenirs from my first 20 weeks of college”

  1. What did I think? Here’s the thing that I thought and because I thought get out I didn’t think my thoughts should be locked. Innocence this is my first time seeing your 20 lines. I appreciate your thoughts on being still that’s half the reason that we have stop signs. Although I think you are writing delivers a certain special quality one linersEven if you think most college students at your campus go to school with messy binders. Soon asIt settles turn on your tea kettles and put your pedal to the metal in terms of having your brain turn so that it may learn in college you must be aware of not living with fear but be a good cheer. Here’s the thing I don’t know you, and you don’t know me but one thing we have in common is a deep sense of writing and poetry. Thank you for your blog post notification I will read it when I canwhether that be in my home at a coffee shop or the gas station. I will look forward to your linguistic invasion.


  2. This is a fantastic way of holding onto steady ground when everything is so different and fast-paced as well as a reminder for everything that you’ve achieved. Change is tough, University is tough and you are tough. ❤


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